Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Hi, here's the link to the video on sit-ups. The audio and video may be a bit weird, e.g. random cuts and audio being off from the video. My bad, I'm sorry.

Ruo-Yang - Demonstrator
Jun Han - Narration and Demonstrator
Jing Yu - Script and Director
Lakshaya - Camera
Ian - Assistant and Editor

Yellow House Warm ups (for every S&W lesson)


Here is the link for yellow house warm up...

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Green house

Black House (Standing Board Jump)

Standing Broad Jump
How to complete a successful standing broad jump.
  • Get ready in standing position and do not step on the starting line.
  • Swing your arms back and forth and jump when you are ready
  • Once you have landed do not slide or move from the place as it will not be recorded and will be considered as cheating and you would be sled to do it again
How to practice for standing broad jump
  • You can do the super man jump where you have to jump upwards.You have to look upwards and jump.Try to jump as high as possible.
  • The higher you go the better it is as it means that you are improving in your Standing Broad Jump

Green house warm up procedure

 warm up procedure(click on it)

Mock Results

Apologies for uploading the wrong list earlier.

This is your current results.

Please check on your own the items that you failed.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

T1 W3- Ways to improve for NAPFA items

1) Every house is responsible to do a research on ways to improve their NAPFA items and create a video.
Black - Standing Broad Jump
Green - Sit & Reach
Yellow - Incline Pull Up
Red - Shuttle Run
Blue - Sit Up

Please include how many times of the activities do we need to do PER WEEK to improve. ( eg. 3 sets of 20 crunches per week)

2) Upload a video of less than 5 mins on Blog by 29th Jan (Wed)

Format: Any form

Every members' face must be seen inside the video
Credit all members at the end of the video.


Warm up route(red house)

  1.  Run around the field for 3 rounds.
  2. Wait for your whole class.
  3. Tilt your head to your left for 10 counts then to the right for 10 counts.
  4. Resist your heads using your hands for 10 counts up and down.
  5. Stretch your arm in the opposite direction of your arms for 10 counts and then do it on your other arm.
  6. Bring your arm to the back and touch your opposite shoulder for 10 counts then do the same with the other.
  7. Stretch your hips sideways for 10 counts then the other side for 10 counts.
  8. Lift up one of your leg and touch your but with it for 10 counts and do the same with the other leg.
  9. Sit down and hug your knee for 10 counts and hug the other leg also after.
  10. Put one leg forward and the other leg backward and lean on the leg which is at the front for 10 counts. do the same with the other leg
  11. Bend your ankle up and down for 10 counts.
  12. Greet the teacher.
                                                                    Red house

Monday, 20 January 2014

Warm Up Routine( Black House)

1) Tilt head left, right,and down for 8 seconds. Tilt your head up but use your hands to push it down for 8 seconds.

2) Stretch shoulders and your side of the arms for 8 seconds

3)Sit down, stretch out your legs and stretch hamstrings by putting one leg over the other and hug it for 8 seconds

4)Stretch legs by putting one leg over the other and hug it for 8 seconds while you balance.

5)Stretch lower leg by putting one leg forward and the other stretching backwards. Feet must point at the same direction as where your body is facing.

6)Stretch ankles by pointing it up and down 4 times.( No Twisting of Ankles)


Sunday, 19 January 2014

[Blue House] Warm-Up Routine

[Top Half]
1 - Tilt head in different directions at approx 45 degrees
2 - Stretch shoulder areas, one arm over other
3 - Stretch sides by reaching at opposite directions of side to be stretched

[Bottom Half]
1- Stretch upper legs by putting one leg over other and hugging leg towards self or pulling it up and balancing on one leg
2- Stretch hamstrings : same as below but bending the other direction
3- Stretch lower leg by putting one leg forward and bending towards that direction
4- Stretch foot by pointing up and down with foot


Monday, 13 January 2014

Schedule for W4 - W8

High Jump

In front of ISH
Shot Put
Side grass patch
Grass patch (Carpark)

T2 W2- Things to be posted on Blog

Dear Class,

This is your 1st Assignment to be posted on Blog.

1) House Warm Up routine
2) House Group Photo
3) Upload your keynote/powerpoint of the T&F events presented in class on Blog( in format of JPEG)

ALL these to be done by Next Monday 20th Jan 2014.

Thank you